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Casting Call for Documentary




1.  In just a few months, the filming of a documentary focused on the military action of Polish Americans in 1917 and the impact of Polish Americans and the United States on regaining independence of Poland in 1918 will begin in the U.S. The film is being made in English, by request of Polish Public Television TVP. The documentary will broadcast both in Poland and in the U.S., and will be part of the promotion of Poland in the U.S. on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining its independence.

2.  The director of this documentary hopes to tell the story through the eyes of a young person, an American of Polish origin, whose ancestor enlisted in 1917 to the army of General Haller, took military training in a camp in Niagara-on-the-Lake and fought for a free Poland. That person will be the narrator of the film, and together with a film crew will visit several places connected with the story, including Pittsburgh (Headquarters of Polish Falcons), Niagara-on-the-Lake (historical campus), New York (Headquarters and museum of Polish Army Veterans Association in America), New Jersey (wood carving workshop of artist Andrzej Pityński, the creator of the monument of Military Action of Polonia standing in Warsaw), Milwaukee (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Chicago (Polish Museum of America) and Warsaw (National Museum, a monument of Polonia's military actions) and the burial place of the ancestor of the narrator (cemetery). In these places, the narrator will be discovering the story of his/her ancestor, and learn the history of this unusual action of Polonia, which will be told by experts in this subject (historians, representatives of museums and Polish organizations, etc.).

3.  We are looking for young people who would like to appear in the movie and experience new adventures, including a trip to the country of their ancestors. They must meet the following requirements:

  1. Ancestor enlisted in the army of General Haller and fought for Polish independence
  2.  20-25 years of age
  3. Eloquent
  4. Confident appearing and speaking in front of the camera
  5. Desire and passion for discovering an extraordinary history and experiencing adventure in film
  6. Minimal knowledge of the subject, could be from family stories and having home memorabilia (i.e. old photos, medals and orders, old documents, etc.). But, this is not a prerequisite because the discovery of family history from scratch will be equally, if not more, interesting for both the viewer and the actor.

4.  Those meeting the above conditions and wishing to appear in the film should send an e-mail to with a brief description of their ancestor who took part in the military action of Polish Americans in 1917 and fought for an independent Poland, also information about themselves, why they would like to appear in the film, and a current photo (whole figure). One person will be selected from among those who submit the most interesting offer.

5.  The deadline for submitting the above information is April 1, 2017. Thank you.