ACAA Meeting Minutes August 24, 2019

Annual Alumni Meeting
Hilton Garden Inn
Erie, PA
Saturday, August 24, 2019 – 9 AM EDT

President Michael ‘Mike’ Anderson called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM EDT PM EST


Board members present (Terms expire 2020)                     

President                                  Mike Anderson

Vice President                        James ‘Jim’ Koscielniak

Secretary                                 Helen Tueffel

Treasurer                                Leslie ‘Les’ Rachocki (transitioning to Sally Day)

Officer Ex-Officio                 Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz


Directors present:

Basia Adams                            (Term expires 2020)

Richard Day                            (Term expires 2020)

Anna Berry                             (Term expires 2022)

Randy Polovick                      (Term expires 2024)


Directors absent:

Aundrea Heschmeyer         (Term expires 2022)

Also Present:

Felicia Bruce
Milt Bruce
Pat Jarzab
Cindy Jarzab
Regina Jaworski
Edward Kacprzyk
Christine Pawlowski
Roberta Polovick
Elaine Rachocki
Ray Uscinski
Kathleen Zinchiak
Mary Zuk

Introduction and Approval of Last Meeting Minutes

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m., welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all for taking time to attend.
Mickie moved to approve the July 27th meeting minutes, Les seconded, and the motion passed unopposed.

Treasurer’s Report

Les Rachocki

Les summarized the Financials for the attendees. Due to confidentiality, financial details are not published in this record.
Randy moved to approve the financial report, Mickie seconded, and the motion passed unopposed.

New Treasurer

Mike Anderson

Mike thanked Les for his years of diligent service as Treasurer for the Association and explained that he continues as Treasurer for the ACAA Foundation.  Sally Day is now the Treasurer for the Association.  She was elected by the board on July 27th, 2019.

Foundation and Scholarship

Richard Day

Richard provided an update on the Foundation and the meeting that took place from 8 to 9 prior to the Association meeting.  Basia explained that a Polish Heritage Tour is being arranged as a Foundation Fundraiser in 2021. Details to follow.  Richard updated those present on the financials of the Foundation, which is in good standing with assets.  Details withheld due to confidentiality. 
The Foundation board voted on the 2019 recipient.  Details and decision withhold due to confidentiality.


Mickie Mickiewicz

Mickie said the membership list is improving consistently, with only one bad address from the last communication.  Mike asked for ideas on how to build membership, asking everyone to work their network.

Publicity and Communications

Mike Anderson

Aundrea was not present and so the report was not given. However, Mike thanked Aundrea and Chet for their work in promoting the ACAA and the Scholarship.  Jim recapped that the online scholarship application is in place and that the online reunion registration, optimally with a PayPal payment option, should be used once the 2020 Reunion is announced.

Reunion Survey and Reunion Planning

Helen Dziob Tueffel

Helen reviewed a survey that was launched on June 5th and closed on June 31st to poll alumni on how the ACAA is fulfilling its mission. 104 responded. Key findings were:

• 93 of the respondents answered that ACAA was fulfilling its mission to promote the culture of the Polish people through the alumni, staff and friends and their life experiences.
• Polish/American identity, friends and colleagues, and academic programs were the top three connections respondents have to the ACAA
• While 66 respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with ACAA communications, 31 were somewhat satisfied or neutral with communications.
• For those who had not attended reunions, the main reasons were distance, timing, or their peer group not being there.

Recommendations from the survey are:
• Get on a regular publishing schedule with the newsletter
• Promotional program for ACAA Foundation scholarship
• Continue improving website
• Review reunion suggestions at next board meeting and establish list of priorities and responsible parties

Helen and Jim went over options for dates, locations, and activities for the reunion. Two properties were visited and information on pros and cons was shared with the attendees. Mike took a vote for suggested new dates and locations. New dates were agreed to; a location was decided subject to final negotiations with the property. The reunion committee will be formed and a proposed weekend agenda presented at the next board meeting/call. Once finalized, the promotion of the reunion will begin ASAP.

Old Business


No old business.

New Business


Regina provided an update on the Jagellonian activities in 2020.  There is interest in a delegation to come to Poland in May 2020, and for a Polish delegation to come to NW PA in June.  Following group discussion, it was recommended that Basia debrief in detail with Regina and bring the visits to the attention of the PNA at their convention immediately following the ACAA meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:54 a.m