ACAA Meeting Minutes August 4, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Conference Call
Saturday, August 4, 2018 – 11:30 AM EST

President Michael ‘Mike’ Anderson called the meeting to order at 11:33 AM EST.

Board members present (Terms expire 2018):
President                                                                                  Mike Anderson
Vice President                                                                         James ‘Jim’ Koscielniak
Secretary                                                                                  Mary Carr
Treasurer                                                                                  Leslie ‘Les’ Rachocki
Officer Ex-Officio                                                                     Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz

Directors present:
Basia Adams (Term expires 2018)
Aundrea Heschmeyer (Term expires 2022)

Directors absent:
Anna Berry                                                                               (Term expires 2018)
Richard Day                                                                             (Term expires 2018)
Randy Polovick                                                                       (Term expires 2022)

Other’s present:
Memorabilia Room David ‘Dave’ (Mouse) Matejczyk
Web-master Elaine Rachocki

President _____________________________________Mike Anderson
Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated the purpose was REUNION UPDATE! – current status, next steps, additional task assignments, and consensus on roles and responsibilities.

Mike asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the July 14, 2018 meeting and April 21, 2018 meeting, which was overlooked at the previous (July 14) meeting. Les made a motion to approve; Jim seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mike turned the meeting over to Jim, Reunion chairperson.

Reunion_______________________________________ Jim Koscielniak
Jim stated that as of August 4th, there are 61 days until the reunion weekend.
Jim went through the sequence of events for each day with updates and discussion.

a. As of August 3, there are 56 people registered for the Friday night dinner cruise. This is 112% of the goal of at least 50 people registering. There was a question about the overlapping time of the dinner cruise and the mixer. Jim responded weekend attendees could attend both–the cruise is scheduled for 6:00-8:00 PM while the mixer is scheduled from 5:00-10:00 PM.

b. Les reported there are 38 firm and paid registrations for either the entire reunion or one part of it. 44% of rooms set aside for ACAA at the Marriott Courtyard and 29% of rooms set aside at the Sheraton are reserved. Combining paid attendees and people who have booked rooms at either the Erie Bayfront Sheraton or Courtyard Marriott, we are 48% towards the Saturday night dinner goal of 150 attendees.

Les noted most registrants are doing the full weekend.

c. Regarding Invited Guests whose Saturday evening meal will be borne by an alumnus, Jim noted the following:

Guest(s)     Who to Pay
Mr and Mrs Peter Matthews ACAA
Mr and Mrs John Wroblewski  ACAA
Coach Michael Flick and daughter  ACAA
Dean Tim Wise and guestMike Anderson
Professor Robert Illsevich and wife Jim Koscielniak
Mayor of Cambridge Springs and wife  Dave Matejczyk
Rose Smith from the C.S History MuseumLes Rachocki
  Mrs Tina McCracken and husbandMary Carr

Mrs Josephine Haluch and her granddaughter were also invited as distinguished guests but are unable to attend.

d. Jim and Dave Matejczyk will contact Coach Flick after Labor Day regarding his attendance.

e. Mouse said he finished the outline for the Distinguished guests. The theme is ‘celebration’.

f. Les noted Rose from the History Museum has been having health issues and he offered to pick her up and transport her to the reunion and back home.

g. Jim said he’s going to add a column to the registration list noting the state registrants reside in and he’ll ask Chet to add it to the web-site.

h. Jim said he booked a trip to Erie for Aug 15 to finalize the requirements. Les and Basia offered to accompany him.

i. Christina and Regina from the Erie chapter offered to assist with networking alumni in PA, NY and OH and with the gift bags.

j. Next, Jim went through the sequence of events and asked for an update from each point of contact:

i. Registration: Mickie and Harriet, and Sue Jarzab offered to man the table. Elaine offered that she and Julie Anderson could man the table while the meeting occurred.
ii. Gift bags: Basia said they are finalized. Diabetic bags will be available. Jim said he’ll send her the AC seal. Assembly will occur on-site by volunteers. Les noted the Riverside Inn provided storage for the bags and asked if storage was needed from either of the hotels. Update: At the 17 Aug meeting with the hotels, a room was obtained and the bags will be secured.
iii. Memorabilia Room: Mouse announced he has a bulletin board from 1917 and memorable chairs from the Riverside Inn.
iv. Programs: Les confirmed he received the flash drive from Jim with the 2016 reunion program. He said the volume of pictures is stark. Once he posts them, they’ll be melded into a forum.
v. Awards: Mike said he will take responsibility for this task.
vi. Scholarship: Richard is the point-of-contact. Jim said there will be a proxy system for deciding the recipient.
vii. Challenge: It was noted this was not announced on the web-site. Elaine said she was waiting for information from Mike or Jim. Note: Shortly after this meeting, the ‘Challenge’ was confirmed posted on the web-site.
viii. 50/50 Raffles: the specifics of these were tabled until the next meeting. Basia offered to be point-of-contact.
ix. Dinner cruise: Aundrea reported arrangements are confirmed.
x. St Stan’s Mass: Basia reported arrangements are complete and confirmed with the pastor. She will need a check for the donation.
xi. Entertainment: Les confirmed a check was sent to the band. Mike is responsible for developing a play list for the Friday night social.

k. Jim asked everyone to continue promoting the reunion. He asked the Board to call or e-mail previous attendees and classmates, especially as the last day to make reservations for the reduced ACAA reunion rate is Sep 14.

Old Business

New Business

Next Meeting
Saturday Sep 8, 2018, 11:30 pm EST

Motion to adjourn was made by Les and seconded by Basia; the motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 12:54 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary F. Carr