ACAA Meeting Minutes March 15, 2021

Via Zoom Conference
Sunday, March 15, 2021 – 1 PM EDT


Board members present (Terms extended until next election)

      Vice President
      Officer Ex-Officio 
      ACAA Assistant Treasurer 

Mike Anderson
James ‘Jim’ Koscielniak
Helen Tueffel
Sally Day
Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Les Rachocki

Directors present:

      Basia Adams 
      Richard Day 
      Aundrea Heschmeyer
      Randy Polovick 

(Term extended until next election)
(Term extended until next election)
(Term expires 2022)
(Term expires 2024)

Directors absent:

      Anna Berry    

(Term expires 2022)

President Michael ‘Mike’ Anderson called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM EDT.


Officers and Directors Term Extensions                                                                       Les Rachocki

Les brought up that most of the officers and directors terms have expired because we have not had a meeting with an opportunity to elect officers/directors.  Randy made a motion to extend everyone’s current office for convenience until we have another meeting with election.  Motion was seconded and passed.

Financials                                                                                                                            Sally Day

Sally prepared and presented a Treasurer’s report:

Current cash in our checking account is $8015.71.

A few highlights:

  • We received 14 membership renewals for $1,310, including one life-time membership for $500.
  • We issued a deposit for Rupp Auto Delivery Service $449.50 for our reunion. If we do not move forward with the reunion this year, I suggest that we ask for our deposit back.
  • We have ongoing website expenses of $480 / year for maintenance and $195 hosting fee.
  • We spent $200 on flowers for Mrs. Haluch’s funeral and $92 for a post office box.


Reunion                                                                                                                      Mike Anderson

The previous decision to move forward with the Reunion was revisited because pandemic issues related to gatherings, travel and personal safety are not fully resolved.   Discussion was had and all members present provided their concerns and pros/cons.  It was decided that Helen would create a short survey to gauge interest in timing of the Reunion, and Mickie and Helen would distribute the survey via the email list and other methods.  Mid-April we will meet again as a board with the results of the survey and make a decision.


Membership                                                                                                                Mike Anderson

Sally provided a membership update because she is tracking the renewal dues that she is receiving as Treasurer.  We have 14 members plus the lifetime members listed below:

Basia Adams (Gdula) ’84
Robert Dassel ‘68
Sally Day (Domalski) ’85
Richard Day ’85
Denise Hamar ’75
James Koscielniak  ’81
Eva Skibicki (Rusin)  ‘71
Edward J. Tyburczy ‘71
Mary Irene Weegee Ujda  ‘69
Gladys Beit-Ishoo Wagers ‘58
Mary Zuk  ‘68

We agreed to continue to promote the membership renewals, and include a promotion in the email to be sent out by Mickie with the Reunion survey.

Randy recommended that we work on a PayPal payment capability on the website. Helen will talk to Chet and coordinate with Sally.


ACAA Foundation Update                                                                                               Richard Day

Richard and Les provided an update on the ACAA Foundation including detailed financials from year end 2020 and YTD 2021.  There were 8 donors, and positive gains in the value of the Foundation’s portfolio.  Ideas were raised about increasing the value of scholarships, the number of scholarships, or both.  Richard said that the ACAA Foundation board will be brought together in a meeting soon and he will report back to the ACAA Board at our next meeting about the recommendations and decisions made.


Other Topics                                                                                                               Basia, Richard

Basia gave an update on her planning of a Poland trip.  We need an alumni event – Reunion – to promote the Poland trip once it is scheduled, as well as to get donations for the ACAA Foundation Scholarship Fund. 

There were no New Business Items.

Meeting adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

Helena Jolanta Tueffel