ACAA Meeting Minutes October 17, 2020

Board Meeting
Via Telephone Conference
Saturday, October 17, 2020 – 11 AM EDT


Board members present (terms originally expired 2020)

      Officer Ex-Officio 
      ACAA Assistant Treasurer 

Mike Anderson
Helen Tueffel
Sally Day
Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Les Rachocki

Directors present:

     Richard Day 
     Aundrea Heschmeyer 
     Randy Polovick 
     Basia Adams 
     Anna Berry 

(Term expires 2020)
(Term expires 2022)
(Term expires 2024)
(Term expires 2020)
(Term expires 2022)

Board members absent:

     Vice President

James ‘Jim’ Koscielniak (notified us in advance of a personal conflict and provided input on agenda topics)

 Reunion Announcement Letter
Letter announcing late August 2021 Reunion was attached to the agenda email. Mickie made the motion to approve the letter, Les second, motion passed unopposed. Helen, Aundrea and Celeste to handle getting the letter to alumni via email, social media and ACAA website.

Membership Drive, Tracking and Effective Term for Renewing Members
Discussion about membership included update on how many lifetime members there are, how we track members. Other than the 10 lifetime members, only one person paid membership dues in the last two years, meaning that all other alumni are not current on membership dues.

Idea was brought up as part of the 2021 membership drive that anyone renewing membership in 2020 or by the 2021 Reunion would be paid through the next calendar year (December 31, 2022), or the appropriate year based on number of years renewed. No physical mailing would be done, but all electronic methods (email list, social media and ACAA website) would be used to promote the drive. Anyone renewing for two or more years gets their choice of print of Polish Pond or Riverside Inn, Mickie made the motion to approve the drive. Helen second. Motion passed unopposed.

Sally would keep track of memberships going forward in a spreadsheet.

Facebook Site Consolidation
Aundrea will work on consolidating the Facebook sites for the Association.

Meeting adjourned at 12:09 EDT.