ACAA Meeting Minutes Sept. 8, 2018


Board of Directors Meeting
Conference Call

Saturday, September 8, 2018 – 11:30 AM EST

President Michael ‘Mike’ Anderson called the meeting to order at 11:32 AM EST.


Board members present (Terms expire 2018):

President                                  Mike Anderson
Vice President                        James ‘Jim’ Koscielniak
Secretary                                 Mary Carr
Treasurer                                 Leslie ‘Les’ Rachocki  
Officer Ex-Officio                  Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz

Directors present:

Basia Adams                            (Term expires 2018)
Aundrea Heschmeyer           (Term expires 2022)
Anna Berry                             (Term expires 2018)
Richard Day                           (Term expires 2018)

Directors absent:

Randy Polovick                         (Term expires 2022)

Other’s present:

Memorabilia Room                    David ‘Dave’ (Mouse) Matejczyk

President                                                                                           Mike Anderson

Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated the purpose was REUNION UPDATE!  Mike said he appreciates everyone’s efforts as we get close to the big event!

Mike asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the August 4, 2018 meeting. Les made a motion to approve; Richard seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Mike turned the meeting over to Jim, Reunion chairperson.


Reunion                                                                                             Jim Koscielniak

Jim said he wanted to review key points and status updates:

  1. As of September 7, there are 30 rooms reserved at the Marriott Courtyard and 25 rooms reserved at the Sheraton. Combined, this totals to approximately 50% of the total number of rooms reserved for the ACAA reunion.  Jim said there are people who reserved rooms who still haven’t registered and he reminded everyone the deadline to register for the reunion is September 14 as we have to give the attendance for the food and beverage service to the hotels and the hotel reduced rates expire that day, also.   Jim reminded everyone the special rates at the hotels include free Wi-Fi and parking.  Otherwise, parking is $12/day.  Jim thanked Aundrea and Mouse for their diligence in keeping the Facebook page current.
  2. Mike asked Jim if he knew what the hotel rates would be as of September 15. He noted this could serve as an incentive for alumni to get their registrations paid.  Jim checked online and said the Courtyard was quoting rates at $239/night and the Sheraton was quoting $188/night. 
  3. Jim said he spoke with Coach Flick, the soccer coach in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and he’ll attend the reunion dinner with his daughter, Caren Lewis. Pete Purwin, a soccer alumnus, is going to stop by Coach Flick’s residence to visit him.  Jim asked all board members to reach out to any soccer alumni they know and inform them of Coach Flick’s intention to attend.
  4. Jim said as of August 28, 60 people are registered for the Friday night Bay Cruise dinner and cruise. This is 10 more people than the goal!
  5. With 72 firm registrations for the Saturday night dinner, approximately 28 people who reserved rooms but haven’t yet paid for the dinner, and invited guests whose meal cost will be borne by an alumnus, Jim estimates we have approximately 90 attendees for the dinner.
  6. Regarding Invited Guests whose Saturday evening meal will be borne by an alumnus, Jim noted the following:

Guest(s)                                                    Who to Pay              Confirmed

Mr and Mrs Peter Matthews                        ACAA                                  yes
Mr and Mrs John Wroblewski                      ACAA                                 yes
Coach Michael Flick and daughter              ACAA                                  yes
Mrs Josephine Haluch and guest                Mike Anderson  unable to attend
Dean Tim Wise and guest                              Mike Anderson                not yet
Professor Robert Illsevich and wife             Jim Koscielniak               not yet
C.S. Mayor Randy Gorski and wife              Dave Matejczyk                   yes
Rose Smith, C.S History Museum                Les Rachocki                  unsure
Janet Deanland, Meadville Tribune             Les Rachocki                       yes
Mrs Tina McCracken and husband              Mary Carr         unable to attend

   g. Basia said Theresa Misulka, a former English teacher, will attend the Friday evening dinner cruise but is unable to attend the Saturday night dinner. Basia offered to pay Theresa’s expenses.

   h. Jim gave a recap of the Erie visit he, Les and Elaine, and Basia made in August. They all agreed it was a reassuring, positive visit.  Jim confirmed:

  • The Friday night mixer will be under a tent.
  • Pat Foran, an alumnus from the East Coast, will provide live entertainment.
  • Mike Anderson will bring a play list.
  • The table combinations will be both high and short.
  • Basia, Elaine and Regina Jaworski, an Erie alumnus, selected the hor d’ourves.
  • Les said the appetizers will be spaced throughout the evening.
  • Lastly, Jim noted an anonymous donor offered to purchase a keg of beer for the weekend. Jim asked the Board for suggestions.  The Board recommended Yuengling.

   i. Event locations:

  •  Friday registration in the corridor outside the Anchor Plaza.
  • Saturday registration in the corridor outside Room 140 at Courtyard.
  • Scholarship meeting in Niagara room at Courtyard 9:00 am – 10:00 am.
  • Continental breakfast in room 140 at Courtyard.
  • Alumni Association meeting and Trivia Event in room 140 at Courtyard 10:00 am – 12:00 Noon.

  j. Gift bags: Basia said they will be black with red lettering.  The minimum purchase quantity is 150 bags.  Jim and Les said the Association can sell any extras and Mouse said he could use some for Trivia prizes.  Basia said a team will meet Friday to put the bags together, time probably approximately 11:00 am.  Locked storage is available for the completed bags.

k.  Memorabilia room: Mouse said he’s ready.

l.  Program: Les said he’s confident he’ll get it together quickly.

m.  Awards: Mike said his Administrative Assistant is handling them.  No issues anticipated.

n.  Scholarship: Jim said he’s going to rework the application with minor changes.  Jim will forward the application to Chet and Aundrea to post on the web-site and Facebook pages.  Richard said he has 1 application so far. 

o.  Outstanding alumnus: Les will tabulate the results and forward to Mike and Jim.

p.  50-50 Raffle: Basia will bring raffle tickets and baskets.

q.  Dinner cruise: Progressing as planned.

r.  Mass: Complete except for who will carry offertory gifts.  Basia will ask for volunteers and compile a program.

s.  Entertainment: Jim asked if the band requires risers and a stage.  Basia said she didn’t think so and it’s not something they asked for.  Everyone agreed not to provide these.

t.  Menu: light h’ordourves @ cocktail hour
      Prime rib and salmon buffet; soup (kapusta), salad, bread at the table; shortcake with berries
      Cost:  $26.95/plate
      Regina Jaworski to provide kapusta recipe to the chef
      Tables of 8 or 10

u.   Mike said one of the actions that needs to occur at the alumni association meeting is ‘elections’ and asked how the slate is determined. Mickie said that’s the job of the nominating committee.  Les said current officers should be asked first if they’d like to be retained and recommended Mickie be appointed to solicit nominations.  All Boad members, Basia and Anna said they’d like to be retained.  Richard had left the call early so Mickie said she would contact him regarding his desire.  Mickie said additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting.


Old Business

Foundation meeting:   Sat    9 am – 10 am          Niagara Room – Marriott Courtyard
ACAA meeting:             Sat  10 am – 12 Noon     Room 140 – Marriott Courtyard

New Business

 Aundrea said she returned the $200 allotted her for marketing/publicity and instead, is going to invite people who belong to Alliance College alumni social media sites other than the site sponsored by the association, to ‘like’ the association site.  She recommended the association purchase ads in the quarterly Polish American journal.

Next Meeting

  Saturday Sep 22, 2018, 9:30 am EST


Motion to adjourn was made by Les and seconded by Mickie; the motion passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary F. Carr