Alumni Meeting Minutes – October 2014

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2014-10-12 Minutes
Sunday, October 12, 2014
The Central Best Western Premier, Harrisburg, PA

President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.
Board members present (Terms expire 2014):
President:  Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Vice President: Les Rachocki
Secretary: Michaeline Saladyga
Treasurer: Dennis Pilarski

Michael Anderson (Term expires 2016)
James Koscielniak (Term expires 2018)
Yvonne Tuchalski (Term expires 2016)

Chairs present:
Audit Joan Rutkowski
Awards Mike Anderson
Bylaws & SOP Selene Szczepanek
Reunion Les Rachocki
Scholarship Mary Alice Wisowaty

Alumni present:
See General Meeting Sign-In Sheets (Attached)

Fundraising (to be filled)
Membership Eva Skibicki
Nominating Richard Day
Publicity Aundrea Heschmeyer
Internet & Communications (to be filled)
President: Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Mickie reminded everyone to sign the attendance sheet.
Mickie asked for someone to act as Parliamentarian. Selene Szczepanek was appointed.
She also noted that according to our Bylaws those present constitute a quorum.
A packet of reports was given to each alumnus attending this meeting.
Secretary Michaeline Saladyga
The minutes of the October 2013 meeting were posted on the web site and were included in the
report packet distributed to the members prior to the meeting. Michaeline asked if there were any
corrections to the minutes. Barbara Adams moved that the minutes be accepted as presented. The
motion was seconded by Les Rachocki. The motion passed unanimously.
There was no correspondence.
There was no other business.

Treasurer Dennis Pilarski
Dennis reported that as of 12/31/2013 the Association had total assets of $15,941 made up of cash
and certificates of deposit. All required IRS forms were filed and accepted filed.
Dennis reported that as of 09/30/2014 the total assets of the ACAA were $22,132 made up of all
cash. There have been both reunion receipts and expenses paid during this period which is
common in a reunion year. Refer to treasurer’s report for exact receipts and disbursements for this
period. All required IRS forms were filed and accepted filed.
Les Rachocki moved that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented. Stan Saladyga
provided the second. The motion to accept treasurer’s report passed unanimously.
Full report included in packet.

Audit Committee Dennis Pilarski
Dennis Pilarski presented the report from Joan Rutkowski who audited the books of the ACAA for
the years ending December 31, 2013/2012 and December 31, 2013 through October 11, 2014. The
accounting system is functioning as intended, assets exist and are safeguarded. Liabilities are
properly recorded and financial statements are accurate, complete and fairly presented. All reports
have been filed in a timely manner. All information requested from treasurer was received timely
and he cooperated fully. Statements are accurate.
Les Rachocki made a motion to accept the audit report as presented. Seconded by Jinny Borek.
Motion passed. .
A full audit report can be obtained from the new treasurer, Craig Koryak.
Awards Committee Mike Anderson
Awards Committee voted the Distinguished Alumni Award in absentia to Leo Rutski. The Alumni
Service Award in absentia to Eva Skibicki. Unfortunately neither recipient was able to be present
and therefore need to be contacted as to the charity of choice for the donations to be given in their
honor. Mike Anderson recommended that formal guidelines be determined as to how the awards
should be given moving forward.
Mickie thanked Mike Anderson for taking on this committee at the 11th hour due to the resignation of
the former chair who was unable to fulfill this obligation at this time. There were really no formal
criteria other than what was recorded in previous minutes.
Kathleen Zinchiak made a motion to accept the report. Seconded by Mary Carr.
Mickie asked if anyone would be interested in working on this committee to develop criteria.
Meetings will be done via conference call. Selene Szczepanek volunteered.
Motion carried.

Bylaws and Standing Rules Selene Szczepanek
No report.
Scholarship and Foundation Mary Alice Wisowaty
Mary Alice thanked Michaeline and Les and all who helped with the reunion for a wonderful time
this weekend.
There were 3 scholarship applicants this year.
The winner of the 2014 ACAAF scholarship is Teresa Starzecki, making all 5 winners of the
scholarship Alliance College legacies.
Previous winners are: 2010 — Emily Drzewiecki..
2011 — Kathryn Carone
2012 — Joese Abbondanza
2013 – Sophia Berry
The Foundation is alive and moving forward. Since the meeting in Cambridge Springs, October
2013 the Foundation has had a successful 19xx Class Year Campaign and is currently in the
process of working toward an avenue to accept bequests. In late summer the Officers and Trustees
of the Foundation voted unanimously to accept a proposal by Les Rachocki to pursue a Foundation
Investment Policy.
Motion to accept the report was made by Michaeline Saladyga and seconded by Les Rachocki.
Balance in Foundation is about $28,000. About $11,000 was raised during the Spring campaign.
Motion passed unanimously. The full report was included in the meeting packet.
Les reported that at the annual meeting of the Foundation, a reorganization plan was discussed and
approved. It is the intent that these changes will help to raise more money for the Scholarship which
will be the legacy of Alliance College.

The following officers were elected: Richard Day, President
Mary Alice Wisowaty, VP of Scholarships
Basia Adams, VP of Development and Communications
Basia has good ties with the PNA and many other organizations. The PNA is having a big
convention in 2015 in Cleveland and it is the hope that Richard Day be able to speak to this
assembly and also that the Foundation will be able to have a booth at the convention to present the
Foundation to the group and help get our name out there. The Goal for the Foundation is $1M.
Richard is working on paperwork for wills and estate giving. These preliminary drafts were included
in the meeting packets. Les asked that all present help spread the word.
Fundraising Now part of the Foundation
Membership Committee Eva Skibicki
The Membership Report was included in the report packet. Eva was unable to attend the meeting.
Mickie presented the report.

A new column has been added to the report for 2014. It includes the number of entries on file.
There are 4880 entries of which 2812 do not have years of attendance. 200 are faculty, staff,
honorary degree recipients or friends. 2858 have valid zip codes, but may not be current. 408 are
Alumni eternal.
835 have email addresses, but some may not be valid.1267 entries have been updated within the
last 5 years.
Les Rachocki made a motion to accept the report. Barbara Adams seconded. Motion carried.
Nominating Committee Richard Day
Skip to publicity for now.
Publicity Aundrea Heschmeyer
Aundrea was not in attendance. No report provided.
Communication/Internet (open)
Mickie reported on the Website. Mickie is in the process of creating a “How to…” document for
website management. With the help of Antoine Holman from Dr. Kathleen Noce’s (Class of 1982)
technical staff at Partnership Erie, the website has had some major updates including changing
from HTML to DRUPLE which makes it easier to change and manage the website. A number of
pages on the site have been updated. The list is in the report included in the meeting packet. There
are a number of pages that still need to be updated.
The IPower subscription for the domain name and web hosting services has been renewed until
2017. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, Dr. Noce’s technical staff is no longer able to assist with
our website. Antoine has left Dr Noce’s group and started his own business, Flagship City Web
Hosting. He charges $70/month to maintain and make volume changes. He is offering a 30%
discount to Partnership Erie clients which would bring the cost to $49/month. During slack times, we
could request a less expensive program level. There are no long term contacts. These prices do
not include design and development. That cost would be $45/hour. Mike Anderson felt it was a
small price to pay for maintenance.
There has been little interest in the bulletin board of late. We could use someone to generate
interest. All ideas welcome.
Les made a motion to accept the report. Michaeline seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Les Rachocki then reported on a meeting with Chet Fedorowicz regarding the website. Chet was
asked to do a study of what we need, what it will cost, what platform to put it on so it is easy to
change and maintain at an affordable cost. Chet is going to work on this along with Mary Alice
because the Foundation needs more of a presence on the website. Les asked that this study be
done and decisions made within a year so that by next October there will be a viable and working
solution if not an operating website by then so we can promote the next reunion schedule for 2016
and promote more for the Foundation. With Chet’s knowledge and experience we should have a
good idea of where we should go with the website. Les thanked Chet for taking on this task.
Chet will also look into filling out forms online as well. It was also suggested that the Bylaws be put
on the webpage. Micki said they are on the website under Board reports.
A Facebook page was suggested as an alternative to the bulletin board. Mickie said we have a
Facebook page.

Hilltopper: Eva likes to do Hilltoppers news, but people do not make submissions. If Alumni want
an online Hilltopper, submissions must be made to keep it going.
Reunion Les Rachocki
Les asked for a show of hands as to how many people enjoyed it. The majority raised their hands.
Mickie thanked Les and Michaeline for a job well done.
Les spoke to the needs of the Alumni and where is the best place to hold the reunion. There was
some discussion about changing the weekend and the place to make it more appealing to more
people. Les addressed the need for new ideas and fresh eyes to come up with a new plan.
Les and Michaeline are stepping down and a new committee is needed. Hershey is a good
location, but we are open to new prospects.
The next Reunion will be held in October, 2016. The planning meeting for that reunion will be held
during the next general meeting weekend in October, 2015 at the Riverside in Cambridge Springs.
Please bring your ideas to the meeting next year.
Nominating Committee Richard Day
Richard Day was unable to attend, but did submit his report and a slate of officers. There is one
correction under treasurer. Les Rachocki has declined. Dennis Pilarski would like to retire. Craig
Koryak has accepted the nomination for Treasurer. He is a CPA in the Pittsburgh area.
Slate is as follows: Celeste Mickiewicz – President
Michael Anderson – Vice President
Sally Day – Secretary
Craig Koryak – Treasurer
Richard Day – Director (term to expire in 2018)
Aundrea Heschmeyer – Director (term to expire in 2018)
Nominations from the floor: Mary Carr – Director (term to expire in 2018)
Barbara Adams – Director (declined)
Motion to close nominations from the floor was made by Sue Switlik. Seconded by Les Rachocki
The Slate of Officers was voted as presented. There was a ballot vote for the director positions. A
motion was made for Mary Carr to say a bit about herself since not everyone knows her. Motion
was seconded. Mary gave a brief bio on herself.
Ballots cast: For the term expiring in 2018 Richard Day and Mary Carr were elected.
With the election of Michael Anderson as Vice President, a Director position is now vacant expiring
in 2016. Nominations for this vacant Director position: Aundrea Heschmeyer
Barbara Adams
Michaeline Saladyga (declined)
Barbara gave a brief bio on herself. She was asked to step out of the room.
Election by show of hands: Barbara Adams was elected for term expiring in 2016.
Old Business:
No old business to discuss.

New Business:
Mary Alice made a motion that the association donate $2500 to fund Foundation mailings for 2014
and an additional $2500 for 2015 prior to that mailing. Les Rachocki seconded the motion. Motion
Tontine – is safe with Les Rachocki. He will bring it to the Alliance Room at the CS museum next
October. The museum is part of the CS Historical Society.
Next Meeting:
Saturday, October 10, 2015 at Riverside in Cambridge Springs. If you plan to attend,
Motion to adjourn was made and seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michaeline B. Saladyga
Secretary ACAA