Board Meeting Minutes – April 2015

ACAA Conference Call
2015-04-18 Minutes
Saturday, April 18, 2015

Conference Call
President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.
Board members present (Terms expire 2016):
President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Vice President Michael Anderson
Secretary Sally Day
Ex-Officio Bob Loop
Absent: Treasurer: Craig Koryak, Assistant Treasurer: Les Rachocki
Directors present:
Basia Adams (Term expires 2016)
James Koscielniak (Term expires 2018)
Mary Carr (Term expires 2018)
Richard Day (Term expires 2018)
Absent: Yvonne Tuchalski

President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Mickie welcomed everyone on the call.
Secretary Sally Day
The minutes from October 12, 2014 general meeting and January 17, 2015 were distributed to the
group prior to the call. Mike Anderson moved to accept the minutes. Bob Loop seconded.
Treasurer Mickie for Craig Koryak
Mickie reported that the only expense the association has incurred since January has been website
expenses. The exact expense needs to be confirmed but is relatively minor.
Old Business All
 Mickie reported that Les Rachocki has agreed to be Assistant Treasurer.
 Open Issue still exists on filling the role of Parliamentarian. Action item: Mickie still needs to
ask Selene.
 Kris declined the awards chair. The main role of the chair is to document the criteria for the
two awards and record who has won and why they won. Later in the call, Mary Carr
volunteered to chair the awards committee.
 Mary Alice declined the scholarship chair. The main role of the chair is to update the
application, correspond with potential applicants, verify that the applicants meet the criteria,
provide copies of the applications to the committee and manage the scholarship review
meetings. They would also notify winners and the foundation treasurer in order to distribute
funds. Action item: identify scholarship chair successor.
 Mickie clarified for the group that committee chairs do not need to be on the board.
 Coach Haluch’s 90th Birthday Party – date still TBD. During the call, it was clarified that the
date is November 14th in Cambridge Springs at the Riverside Ballroom.
 Mickie reported that the AC website bulletin board is back up and running.
 Sally reported that Aundrea Cika Heschmeyer agree to remain as publicity chair.
 There was a conversation about how to engage other alumni, some ideas:
o Richard suggested utilizing the reunion response sheet to identify alumni or friends
of AC to generate / collect new data
o Mickie suggested a social media effort; however we would need someone to
spearhead this. No names surfaced. Mickie clarified that the association has a
Facebook presence.
 Jim thanked everyone who reached out about his mom.
 Mary offered to help in any way she can. She volunteered to chair the awards committee.
 Mickie asked Sally to provide an overview of the Strategy Session from October, 2013. Sally
explained the work that was completed at that time. She will distribute documents from the
session with the conference call meeting minutes. Action item: Sally to distribute strategy
session documents.
Reunion Michael Anderson
Venue for the next reunion is still under consideration. Options in Erie are still a possibility. A
recommendation was made to evaluate the Riverside during our stay in October to see what impact
the new ownership has had on the experience. Jim recommended Peek ‘n Peak as a venue to
Foundation Richard Day
Alumni Membership List – Mickie reported that Eva has been the keeper of this file. She explained
that the file is a bit tricky to manage for mailings. She explained that to develop a mailing list, the file
needs to be sorted by zip code, delete blanks, sort by street address; delete blanks and then sorted
to delete those alumni that are deceased. Mickie will distribute the file but any permanent changes
need to go back to Eva.
Class Year Campaign – Richard reported that the class year campaign which was utilized last year
met with good success.
Planned Giving Gifts – Each member should have a copy of the new letter, response form and
instructions on how to leave a gift through a will. This is designed to be a four-piece mailing. Mickie
will review these documents and email Richard with any changes. Once we have the address list,
we can move forward with the mailing.
Major Gifts – After the last meeting, Basia forwarded the link on Stephanie Mucha. Richard wrote a
letter to her investment advisor introducing the Alliance College Foundation but has not heard back.
The question was posed to the group if anyone had any contacts in Buffalo or a direct connection to
Mrs. Mucha.
Foundation Meeting – Richard reported that a foundation meeting took place on March 29th with
several Cleveland alumni.
PNA Outreach – Richard and Basia recapped the efforts being developed for the PNA National
Convention. The convention is scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd
– Wednesday, August 26th in

The AC Foundation would like to address the full convention and PNA President, Frank Spula
tentatively agreed. Richard sent a letter to formalize the request. Basia reported that she is on the
planning committee for the convention. She also reported that fellow alumni will have a presence at
the convention:
 Cathy & Tom Katrenich, Aundrea Heschemeyer – a subset of the folk ensemble, Living
Traditions will participate
 Witek Winc – vendor selling Polish artifacts
Attendance is expected to be 200-225. The next meeting of the planning committee is Tuesday,
April 21st
Foundation Investments – Les has been investing funds. The foundation currently has $33,764.95 in
the account and all funds are invested with Charles Schwab.
Communication/Internet (open)
Mickie reported that Antoine Holman is doing the work for now. Everything seems to be going fine
with the exception of the scholarship page. The Bulletin Board has a new look. Mike commented
that the last post is gone.
AC Alumni Association & Foundation Meeting Mickie
With Coach Haluch’s 90th Birthday celebration for November 14th in Cambridge Springs at the
Riverside Ballroom, a suggestion was made to move the October meeting to November. A roll call
was made:
Mike Yes
Sally Yes
Bob Yes
Richard Yes
Basia Yes
Jim Yes
Mary Yes
A unanimous decision was made to reschedule the 2015 AC Alumni Association & Foundation
meetings to November. Mickie will call the Riverside Inn to confirm room availability and email the
Mickie closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their participation and willingness to work
Next Meeting:
Conference call is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th at 1 pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sally A. Domzalski Day
Secretary ACAA