Board Meeting Minutes – January 2015


Attendance – Celeste Mickiewicz, Mary Carr, Yvonne Tucholski, Jim Koscielnik, Michael Anderson, Sally
Day, Basia Adams, Craig Koryak, Richard Day
Not Present: David Mateczyk, Bob Loop.
Appoint a Parliamentarian – Mary made a motion to nominate Selene Szeczepanek. Motion was
seconded by Basia. Action Item: Mickie to communicate to Selene to confirm her acceptance of her
Mickie’s opening comments:
 Welcome new members.
 Noteworthy that we have west coast to east coast representation, acknowledging that this may
create scheduling challenges. We are a team and one family.
Secretary’s Report
Minutes of last meeting in October are not available. Recommendation from Sally to read October
minutes at the next meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
Craig reviewed and addressed questions on the attached financial report. The organization typically
tries to break even on the reunion event and we did not in 2014. Craig commented that we have the
ability to absorb it this year. Observation was made by Craig that revenue was much lower from 2012
to 2014.
Old Business:
1. Discussion on the position of Assistant Treasurer
Mickie mentioned that Les Rachocki is listed as Assistant Treasurer; she asked the group if we still need
this role. Mary suggested that Mickie serve as the Assistant Treasurer, Mickie declined. The role does
not have a geography requirement. Basia motioned to keep Les as Assistant Treasurer. Mary seconded.
Action Item: Mickie to communicate to Les to confirm his acceptance of Assistant Treasurer. If Les
declines, we will address at the next meeting.
2. Ratification of Chairs
o Audit – Joan Rutkowski
o Reunion – Mike Anderson
o Publicity – Aundrea Cika Heschmeyer
o Web Support – Chet Federowicz
A brief discussion ensured about Chet’s interest in managing the website. Mickie mentioned
that Chet has been acting on behalf of the organization to identify a third party web support
provider. The bulletin board has been down for several months. Action Item: Mickie will try
to have up and going by February 1st
o Awards – Kris Kwacz
The group clarified the awards committee chair. The former chair was Kris Kwacz but she
declined due to scheduling conflicts with her master’s degree. Michael Anderson was acting
Richard motioned to ratify the chairs. Jim Koscielnik seconded the motion.
3. Scholarship Chair
Mickie suggested the group to clarify who is chairing the scholarship committee (Mary Alice Wisowaty
or Richard Day). Richard recommended that Mary Alice stay assume the scholarship chair to maintain
continuity and activity. Action Item: Mickie to communicate to Mary Alice to confirm her acceptance of
Scholarship Chair.
4. Reunion
Financial report recapped reunion expenses.
New Business:
1. Dave Matejczyk- Coach Halluch’s 90th Birthday Party in Oct 2015
o Coach Halluch’s birthday party will not be the weekend of our meeting, October 9-10. They
have not identified a new date.
o Richard asked if we could ask the family to allow us to send out a letter to the alumni asking
for a donation in Coach’s honor to the foundation.
2. October, 2015 Association and Foundation Office Meeting schedule as follows.
Riverside is reserved. Please make your reservations as soon as possible.
Friday afternoon 2 pm – 4 pm – foundation meeting (including scholarship application review)
Saturday morning 10 am – 12 pm – alumni meeting
Saturday afternoon 2 pm – 4 pm – reunion planning meeting (starts after lunch)
3. Reunion location
Riverside is booked for 2016. Considerations:
o It will be the 125th anniversary of Cambridge Springs
o New ownership at Riverside who acknowledges the gaps and opportunities from the
previous owners
o 2014 attendees expressed interest to go back to Cambridge Springs
Mike acknowledged polarizing topic but feels that the Riverside is substandard. Jim suggested Peak
‘n Peek as the Riverside does not have the amenities that we need. Richard questioned if a hotel in
Erie would work. Action Item: Mike will check into this. Mickie suggested a cycle of changing the
location every other reunion Riverside/other locations/Riverside, etc.
The group felt that a decision was not required today. Mickie proposed that we spend the weekend
in October at the Riverside, experience the new ownership, then make a decision. Richard
suggested that maybe a group could look at new locations on Friday morning of the meeting
weekend. Some suggestions: Sheraton Erie Hotel, Avalon Hotel & Conference Center. Reunion
attendees are estimated to be as follows: 100 were in Hershey, 125-300 in Cambridge Springs.
Mickie explained that the budget for the reunion in previous years were a “pass through” to
4. Communication Preferences
Mickie asked the group for the best way to communicate. The group discussed various options and a
decision was made to stick with free conference call.
5. Goals for the 2014 – 2016 term
Mickie asked the group to brainstorm some goals for the 2014-2016 term of officers:
 How do we activate the alumni?
1. Get the word out – both the association & reunion
a. Public Relations Chair to press releases – Zgoda, Pol-Am Journal. More presence in
Polish publications
b. “This is my college” – other people who are not Polish – go through other media and
word of mouth
c. Tool & Die Design Publications –
d. What other ideas does she have?
Action Item: Sally to ask Aundrea for her ideas and engagement.
2. Basia suggested using free resources or modern technology to establish a grass roots social
media campaign, identify who has Alliance College listed in their LinkedIn profile and target
those graduates one year ahead of reunion. – Action item – unassigned.
3. Redistribute the lost alumni by recirculating the list – Action item – Mickie will distribute it
sometime in February.
 Promote the Foundation
o Reviewed the financials for the Foundation: On September 30, 2014, we had assets of
$29,902. Goal is to get to $1 million.
o Ideas to meet our goal:
Prepare documents
o Prepare document for Will & Estate planning – 2 identified idea to feature them at the next
reunion to generate interest by other people. (Mickie, Gladys Wagers Deit-Ishoo (Imperial
Beach, California) Graduate of 1958.
o Scour for other opportunities:
 Foundations – Martha Stewart, beyond the Polish communities
 Wealthy Polish Americans – Basia discussed that she is working with Richard on
reviewing the 50 wealthiest Polish Americans. She identified Stephanie Mucha of
Buffalo, who is looking to distribute her wealth. Action Item – Basia to forward link of
article to the group. Anyone with a connection to her, please contact Richard.
 Christmas appeal – Thinking that most people are identified at Christmas, we should
consider the Easter season or May (spring formals, may weekends, etc)
 First quarter last year, we conducted a letter campaign and raised $10,000. Action
Item – Richard to coordinate and repeat.
 Yvonne offered that the PNA Convention is in Cleveland this August
o Basia & Richard are working on this. Action Item – Richard will contact Ann Marie
Gdula about the possibility of addressing the convention on behalf of the alumni.
This is underway.
o Sally mentioned that the group developed goals as part of a strategy session
conducted in October, 2012. Action Item – Sally to resend that documentation.
No other new business.
The group decided to hold quarterly conference calls. The next meeting is April 18, 11 am – 1 pm EST.
Mary motioned to adjourn the meeting, Richard seconded.
Meeting closed at 12:36 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Sally Day