Board Meeting Minutes – July 2015

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2015-07-18 Minutes
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Conference Call
President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm.
Board members present (Terms expire 2016):
President Celeste ‘Mickie’ Mickiewicz
Vice President Michael Anderson
Secretary Sally Day
Absent: Treasurer: Craig Koryak, Assistant Treasurer: Les Rachocki
Directors present:
Mary Carr (Term expires 2016)
James Koscielniak (late) (Term expires 2018)
Richard Day (Term expires 2020)
Basia Adams (Term expires 2020)
Absent: Yvonne Tuchalski, Bob Loop, Selene Szczepanek
President Mickie
Mickie welcomed everyone on the call.
Secretary Mickie with Sally
The minutes from April 18, 2015 conference call were distributed to the group prior to the call.
Mickie asked for feedback on the minutes. There were no corrections or edits. Basia moved to
accept the minutes. Mike seconded the motion and motion unanimously passed.
Treasurer Mickie for Craig Koryak
Treasurer’s report was distributed prior to the call. Mickie asked for questions and feedback on the
reports. There were none. Richard moved to accept the financials. Mary seconded the motion and
the motion passed unanimously.
Old Business All
 Closed action item: Mickie asked Selene if she would like to be Parliamentarian. Selene
accepted Parliamentarian and also agreed to chair the Awards Committee.
 Mickie suggested that the Awards Committee Chair be responsible for documenting all the
awards we grant, the criteria for each award, and a listing of past recipients, and the reason
each recipient was selected. Action Item: Selene to document.
 Mary Alice declined the scholarship chair. Richard suggested that he assume the
responsibilities of the scholarship chair for this next year. In November, when we meet for
our annual meeting, Richard suggested we recruit a new scholarship committee chair.
Reunion Michael Anderson
Mike is still researching venues. The Riverside is still an option and we’ll have a chance to evaluate
it in November. The Sheraton in Erie and Peek ‘n Peak are available. They’re both submitting a
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2015-07-18 Minutes
proposal to review in November. Mike is open to other venue ideas. We need at least 100 sleeping
rooms. (Riverside has 74 rooms but some don’t have a private bathroom). Mike is planning to keep
the same reunion format.
Foundation Richard Day
Class Year Campaign – Richard will revise last year’s letter and distribute it in the next few weeks.
Basia suggested that we incorporate language to promote our scholarship offering. Richard will also
include language requesting updates to addresses and soliciting the identification of lost alumni.
Action Item: Richard to draft letter and send to Mickie.
Scholarship Committee – Richard will send an email to Aundrea asking her to develop a press
release to solicit scholarship applicants. She has a good distribution list of Polish publications.
Mickie will send out an email to notify the board and directors when the online application process is
up and running. Action Item: Richard to email Aundrea regarding press release. Action Item: Mickie
to look for her list of publicity contacts.
Planned Giving Gifts – no discussion.
Major Gifts – Richard reported that he still has not heard back from Stephanie Mucha’s financial
investment advisor. Mickie suggested that since Dave Mateczyk was instrumental in securing the
gift that established the foundation, he may be a good contact to follow up on this. Richard
suggested that Basia contact Dave to see if he is interested in helping by writing a compelling letter.
Action Item: Basia to contact Dave.
PNA Outreach – The PNA National Convention is scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd
– Wednesday,
August 26th in Cleveland. The AC Foundation would still like to address the full convention. Richard
reported that he sent a letter to PNA President, Frank Spula, to formalize this request. Richard
provided dates that he was in Chicago in June to meet a face-to- face. He did not hear back from
them. He followed up again and was told his letter was misplaced. He emailed the letter again and
is trying to coordinate a meeting with Spula on August 4th or 5th
. Action Item: Richard to coordinate
Basia reported that she is on the planning committee for the convention (next meeting is July 29th).
She is coordinating welcome bags for the convention attendees (approximately 200). Action Item:
Basia and Richard to put a Foundation flyer in the bags.
Basia is coordinating an AC Alumni Association & Foundation ad in the PNA convention book.
Mickie suggested a ½ page ad, cost is $125. Mickie will send the College seal graphic to Basia for
the ad. The ad will include both Mickie’s and Richard’s cell phone numbers. Action Item: Mickie to
send Basia the College seal.
Foundation Investments – no discussion.
Communication/Internet Mickie
Website is up and running. With the new website, we get two web email accounts. One is and we get one other email account. Mickie asked for input on
this decision. Richard offered that utilizing the second email account for scholarships and
centralizing it through the website is a good idea. Richard’s personal Hotmail account is the contact.
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2015-07-18 Minutes
Les’ wife, Elaine volunteered to be the webmaster. Mickie and Elaine have been scrubbing the data
and information on the website. Mickie asked for people to go to the website and provide any
updates or corrections to both Elaine and Mickie. Action Item: All Officers and Directors should
review the website for any needed corrections.
Mickie asked for feedback from the group regarding website enhancements (i.e. ability to
abbreviate longer text with “click here for more” verbiage). Sally offered that the website is the major
communication vehicle for alumni and we should allow Mickie and Elaine the ability to authorize
small enhancement costs ($100-200). More expensive enhancements should be brought to the
Board for approval. The group agreed.
Mickie suggested we all try to go to the bulletin board and build traffic flow. Action Item: All Officers
and Directors should log onto the website bulletin board frequently and create dialogue with other
AC Alumni Association & Foundation Meeting Mickie
Mickie asked the group if we need a conference call in October. The group felt that we could wait
until our next meeting in November. (This is the same weekend as Coach Haluch’s 90th Birthday
New Business
Mike sent an email to Dr. Oscar Swann of the University of Pittsburgh to clarify how he planned to
use any funds he’d receive for the AC Polish Library at the University. He has not received a
Next Meeting:
November 13-14, 2015. Action Item: All chairs and officers should prepare written reports for this
meeting. Mickie commented after the meeting that all reports should be emailed to her by October
31st so they can be posted on the web site and copies made for the November 14th Alumni Meeting.
Motion to adjourn by Mary and seconded by Richard. The meeting was adjourned at 1:57 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sally A. Domzalski Day
Secretary ACAA