How to Donate

5/26/2022, 10:02 am

As time passes, we remember fondly those who made our time at Alliance College special.  Although they remain in our hearts and we think of them from time to time, busy lives make it easy to forget those who meant so much to us years ago.  We ask each of you who shared such a special time to make a commitment to the Alliance College Alumni Association Foundation (ACAAF).

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization, was formed in 2009, using a $10,000.00 bequest from the estate of Helen Satoski.  It was the beginning of a great effort, and thanks to the generosity of our alumni, the Foundation fund has grown to over $30,000.00.  From the Foundation, a scholarship has been awarded for each of the past six years, and to date, all the recipients have been related to Alliance alumni (see a list on the Foundation History page).

Int October 2015, a group of alumni and the leadership of the Alumni Association met in Cambridge Springs.  We reminisced about the past but most of all, we looked forward and planned for the future.  All in attendance wanted to leave behind a true legacy of what Alliance College meant to us.  All agreed that the best way to do this is through the scholarships awarded by the Foundation.  In order for the ACAA Foundation to continue to award scholarships long after the last graduates are gone, we need to develop the Foundation fund into an endowment that will exist in perpetuity.  You can help make this goal a reality.

  • Endowment Gift:  We are asking alumni to make a contribution, a gift to assist the Foundation in reaching its goal of providing scholarships in the name the name of ACAAF in perpetuity.  In this way, alumni can be a part of the memory of Alliance College, the Alliance College Alumni Association and the Alliance College Alumni Association Foundation well into the future.  A link is provided to donate a gift.
  • Graduation Year Gift:  We are asking alumni to support this effort by making a contribution of $19.XX, with your graduation year replacing the XX in any multiple.  For example, a graduate of the class of 1965 could make a gift of $19.65, or $196.50, or $1,965.00.  Your gift could be made once, monthly, quarterly, annually or whichever time frame or multiple suits your budget.  You can also remember other classmates, family, or friends with a gift in their name.  If you provide their contact information, we will send them or their family an acknowledgement of your gift.  A link is provided to donate a gift.
  • 1912 Society:  We are pleased to recognize those who have left charitable bequests, established charitable trusts, or used some other form of estate planning to support the ACAA Foundation.  Your name can be published or not, depending on your wishes.  A link is provided to donate a gift.

Your contributions will become the basis for a perpetual scholarship endowment through the Foundation.  Thank you in advance for your continued support of these efforts to preserve the family bond and the memories of Alliance College.