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It’s that time of year when we try to remember and summarize the past 12 months, make resolutions for 2016, reset our priorities, plan for vacations, etc, etc.  Whatever joys or sorrows plagued us during the  past year, we always hope that the next year will bring solutions to all our problems and the happiness we all want.

Whatever your dreams, may the New Year bring you health, happiness and joy.  Please don’t drink and drive.  We want you safe and sound so you will be able to attend the next ACAA Reunion October 7-9, 2016 at the Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs, PA..

One more thing — If you are fortunate to have more money than you need or you’re looking for a tax deduction, please consider the ACAA project of Keeping The Spirit Of Alliance College Alive.  The goal is to be able to provide an annual Alliance College Scholarship for many years long after we are all gone.  In order to make this dream a reality, a Foundation nest egg of $1 million is needed.  Every dollar counts!   Can you help?  Will you help?  Write out a check made out to the ACAAF and mail it to Les Rachocki, ACAA Foundation Treasurer, 249 Bridgewater Lane, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067-4129.

Happy New Year!  Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!

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Web Site Update

Many thanks to Mary Carr and Elaine Rachocki who have volunteered to be Web Site Administrators.  As Administrators, Mary and Elaine will be responsible for updating the web pages from updates submitted by ACAA Board members and other alumni.

Current projects include re-building the Alumni Directories and re-building the Reunion photo albums.  There have been many requests for these two items.  We have heard your voices!

Help us rebuild the reunion photo albums.  Start looking for your reunion photos of years gone by.  acaawebmaster@gmail.com. In the subject line, please include which year the reunion occurred.  If possible, include the names of the people in the photo and any funny stories in the message area.

Web site content:  Keeping the web site up to date and interesting can be a full time job.  This would be totally unfair to any individual.  So let’s make this commitment that Board members, Chairs, and all alumni are responsible for web site content.  The web site depends on all alumni for information and interesting articles.  To paraphrase an old expression…it takes a village to keep the web site up to date and interesting.

Thanks to all for your patience and for making us aware of the web pages that are important.


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Jack Budzynski
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Navigating and using this site

Prior to the upgrade,posting in any forum was much simpler.  You went to where you wanted to post a comment,wrote your post,previewed and posted.  Personally I do not see why the process can not be changed to one similar to Facebook.  You log on and submit a comment on anything.  Those who wish to reply can.  A very simple process.  To me,there are just too many steps involved and can be confusing to someone.  I think the tool bar is overkill.   This site is basically a chat session and does not require the formatting tools you would use in the business world.  I truly appreciate the time and effort that went into this.  I am not averse to change.  Maybe a bullet outline on the steps involved to post should be posted.

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Almost forgot to update this message. Thanks to your feedback, changes have been made and the forum is more user friendly.